Kids Art Festival

PNC Bank presents:

Great artists soar at an early age. That's why we promote our young artists' inspirations through their very own Kids Art Festival during the Fine Art Fair. Join in on the fun by working with instructors and volunteers to complete make-and-take masterpieces.

KAF Children will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety
 of mediums and work with both two and three dimensional art.
 Projects range from the traditional paint, pastel and markers
 to contemporary recycled materials.

 A flat fee of $5.00 (per child) will cover all 14 "make and take" projects offered at
the Kids Art Festival providing hours of fun to those who participate.


2016 Kids Art Festival Activities include...

A concentration on world-renowned artists including Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo, Alexander Calder, John Eichinger, Romero Britto, Charles Fazzino and Wassily Kandinsky.  Each participant has the opportunity to create famous artists-related projects and additional projects that will include Aboriginal art, African art, and Marvel Comic Books' Superheroes.

Water Conservation Eco-Project

Sponsored By: Illinois American Water

An eco-friendly project will be showcased at the Kids Art Festival and sponsored by Illinois American Water.

This project is a way to teach our community, starting with our youth, about the effects of our eco-footprint. 

Join us, Saturday and Sunday, in the Kids Art Festival to be a part of this interactive project.



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