About Us

Welcome To The Peoria Art Guild!!

Our Mission

The mission of the Peoria Art Guild is to present a diverse array of multidisciplinary contemporary art.  We strive to inspire and educate all levels of art enthusiasts through exhibition, outreach and collaborative art initiatives.

Our Successes

For over 135 years, the Peoria Art Guild has been dedicated to “bringing art to the community and the community to art”.  As a visual arts leader, we take pride in our organization's efforts to educate young artists, showcase art diversity, exhibit multidisciplinary contemporary art and promote art throughout our community.

In 2012, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary of hosting the Peoria Fine Art Fair.  The Peoria Fine Art Fair is one of the largest visual arts events in Central Illinois. Our juried Art Fair features 150 local, national and international artists from 26 states and Canada. 

Our Team

We have big shoes to fill as we lead our community with innovative presentation of contemporary art. We are up for the challenge!!
Peoria Art Guild Staff: Monica Lebron
Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair Staff: Ardelle Wright and Cathi Hawkinson


Our Board of Directors


Executive Board Members


Governing Board Members

Bill King ....... President   Misty Barnes  
Lori Luthy
....... Vice President   Bill Conger      
Kathy Fuller
....... Secretary  

Cheryl Peacock

Greg Rashid  ....... Treasurer   Cindy Kennedy  
Richard W. Zuckerman ....... Past President  

Darren Jackson


Churphena Reid Lockhart, MD





Fine Art Fair Committee
Blanca Aranda Patty Armstrong
Misty Barnes Jason Beverlin
Scott Carnahan David Cox
Valerie Cargill Jeanne Ditewig
Jeff Flaugher Sue Fluegel
Tom Gunter Pam Johnson
Perry Johnson Lori Luthy
Trebla Martin Mary Pilon
Debbie Sippel Cathy Sutterland
Ron Stevenson JoAnne Wayland


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