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#3 in our sculpture series with Morgan Elser -Sculpting a Whimsical Head

Learn to sculpt a whimsical head from start to finish and use it in the last class of our series to create a found assemblage sculpture.

“I find my inspiration in this world around me as well as from my own life. The purpose behind my art is to evoke emotion from the viewer. To make one laugh, to sigh, to shed a tear, to gasp or laugh out loud, seeing something unexpected in my art. To open the viewer’s heart of mind. Perhaps seeing life a little differently, to improve their corner of the world as to understand life on a new level. Working in many mediums I strive to share the ability to help save a bit of the earth, to recycle, to re-use and to create art from the earth’s bounty. “-Morgan Elser

Ages 17 and up

Cost- $75

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