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Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair

This year marked our 56th anniversary for bringing original art to central Illinois and we want you to be a part of the celebration! As one of the oldest art organizations in the country, the Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair is nationally recognized. We offer affordable hotel rates, convenient parking, and 500+ volunteers. In 2018, we added Friday night in order to increase your opportunities to visit our extraordinary fair!

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Leading the Way

The Peoria Art Guild’s programming is driven by a diverse lineup of exhibitions that include high quality, contemporary work intentionally selected to provide a challenging and stimulating experience for all levels of art enthusiasts.

The Peoria Art Guild continues its commitment to investing in future artists and our community through partnerships which include programs with Peoria Park District, Peoria Riverfront Museum and Illinois Central College.


Events & Exhibitions

From the Fine Art Fair to Art Valuations, the Peoria Art Guild is host to events year-round.

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Knowledge is Power

Education is a core focus within our community. We feel strongly about fostering an environment that grows the aspirations of our youth. This is why we participate in ongoing educational programs throughout the Peoria area. Our programs have reached nearly 5,500 students, grades K – 12, across the Tri-County areas of Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford. 

In addition, we are working on an enhanced educational vision, and have been receiving positive feedback from local test groups about the possibilities. We are enthusiastic about what our future education program has to offer.  



With a new and energized focus, the Peoria Art Guild strives to bring invigorating arts events to Central Illinois. Our staff, volunteers, committees, and sponsors pull together year-round to support working artists in the community and around the world. In combination with your participation, the arts community continues to flourish in Central Illinois.

Join us at any one of our upcoming events to enjoy, support, and share in a community of extraordinary talents. All characters welcome!    




As one of the largest resources for contemporary art in Central Illinois, the Peoria Art Guild has exhibited the artwork of local, regional, national and international artists for over five decades.  We have featured emerging artists including Andrea Ellen Reed and R. Rashad Reed “A Brother and Sister Collaboration” of contemporary African American images.  We have brought exceptional appeal of established artists like Bob Emser's "Wheels Up: A Twelve Year Retrospective" sculpture display.  Additionally, we incorporate modern appeals to historical information including “A Contemporary Look at Lincoln’s Visits to the Peoria Area” which featured contemporary painters and photographers showcasing the locations President Lincoln visited in Peoria.

We strive to inspire and educate all levels of art enthusiasts through exhibition, outreach and collaborative art initiatives.We have had the privilege to exhibit nationally known works of art, and plan to continue bringing expansive exhibitions to our revitalized gallery space!