Kids Art Festival

Great artists soar at an early age. That's why we promote our young artists' inspirations through their very own Kids Art Festival during the Fine Art Fair. Join in on the fun by working with instructors and volunteers to complete make-and-take masterpieces. We are happy to announce the Kids Art Festival will include a community Mural which will feature artists like Van Gogh and Kandinsky for our young artists this year! There will also be a large interactive canvas representing Jackson Pollock style of painting.Sculpture, textiles, watercolor and drawing activities will be included as well! 

Other things offered will include:

  • A paint-it-take it t-shirt or canvas bag

  • Face Painting

  • Slime making

  • Henna Art (for an additional fee)

  • Peoria Playhouse Destination Playground and activities

  • ISU Center for Math, Science & Technology STEM projects