The Woods by Ann E Coulter

Card  Ann E Coulter.jpg

June 7-28, 2019

The old house I live in is said to have been part of the Underground Railroad. It sits out in the wide-open, flat, farm land of central Illinois. The closest neighbor lives a half mile away; others are few and far between. There is a full circle, uninterrupted view of the horizon, and the wind whips in from the west with nothing much to break it.

I am inspired and overwhelmed by this sensory overload, this non-stop panorama in which I live. This particular place is an undeniable and intentional part of my life and my art. There is no ignoring it, I am completely immersed. It leads me to consider big issues like nature and time, landscape and history, and the part we play in it all. To find a focus, some way to talk about all this that I love, is my continual challenge.

In my work I try to frame this immensity, coaxing it into something more negotiable, something I might be able to decipher. I'm after a longer look, a clearer vision, a deeper understanding. The resulting paintings evolve from this beginning, each taking on their own expressive nature, serving to mark a moment in place and time.