Shear -Shift -Slide with Jennifer Mannebach

"My work focuses on the borders and edges of where things collect, and the relationships between what happens on either side of these demarcations. The remnants from my studio process are reassigned, captured in glassine envelopes in Containment Sketchbook, an ongoing project that distills my interest in maps, boundaries, fragments and uncertainty. I’ve been fascinated by the advent of CRISPR Cas9 (gene editing) as a cogent parallel to the longstanding themes in my work which examines fragments and boundaries conceptually and physically. I like the larger tectonic implications of Shear, Shift, Slide, which is a reference to the movement of base pairs along the double helix of DNA. Replacing a snippet of
information to redirect a protein creates a chain of events; likewise, the removal of a community, however small, reverberates into future generations, as does changing the location or character of a boundary between countries or even neighborhoods" Jennifer Mannebach

Jennifer was also at The Peoria PlayHouse creating with kids from the community from Saturday, July 20 – Friday, July 26, 2019.